A Moment is a photo, video, note, quote or other piece of content saved in Arkiver.  You could think of a moment as an artifact of your life and together all your moments combine to describe your life story in rich detail. Moments look like this:

If you click on a moment, you'll be taken to the "Moment View" to see and edit details about the moment:

Here are a few other tips for collecting moments

  • Think beyond photos of people and places. What memories and objects help tell your story that you normally wouldn't think about recording? E.g. special cards you've received, stories behind family heirlooms, etc. 
  • Write without worrying about perfection. Just getting the stories out of your head is what's important.
  • Add details to your moments using the description and tagging features to make reliving your memories a much richer experience in the years ahead.

Happy Arkiving!