Arkiver is the best way to collect, organize and enjoy your precious memories.

Create a beautiful gallery of your life.  It's NOT for ALL your digital memories...just the memories you want to remember and look back on. 

Preserve everything that helps tell your story. Pictures of people and places are great, but collect other aspects of life too: 

  • Pictures of special birthday or anniversary cards
  • Favorite family recipes
  • Kids artwork 
  • Medical records
  • Report cards
  • Stories behind family heirlooms
  • Your favorite objects: stuffed animals, furniture, paintings, etc.
  • Pictures of cell phones you've owned overtime
  • The list goes on...  


Write your stories.  Preserve the memories locked in your mind. 

Record quotes that move you. The funny things your kid come up with; family sayings passed down through generations; quotes that inspire you...


Add depth to memories. Use description and tagging features to provide the context and background that make reliving them a much richer experience.

Share selected moments and collections with friends and family...or keep them private - its up to you.

How will you tell your story?