Arkiver enables you to share a Collection with friends and family so they can view your Moments within that Collection.  They can also save the whole Collection or selected Moments within that Collection to their own Arkiver.  This feature is really useful for example when you want to share photos from a joint celebration, event or trip. 

1) Select the Collection you wish to share, ensuring it does not contain any Moments you wish to keep private.

2) Click the "Share" button in the top bar containing the Collection name.

3) In the Sharing box, enter the email address of the individual you'd like to share the Collection with and hit "+"

4) Repeat until the list contains the email addresses of everyone you want to share the Collection with. Then click the "Update Sharing" button:

5) An email will be sent to each person on the list notifying them that you have shared a Collection with them.  If they have an Arkiver account, a notification will also appear next to the "Shared with me" menu item in their Arkiver. 

If they do not have an Arkiver account, the email will contain a link to create one. If they do have an account, the link will take them to Arkiver to view the Collection you shared with them.

6) The person you shared the Collection with will be able to save the whole Collection or individual Moments within it to their own Arkiver by clicking the "Copy To My Arkiver" button.