Use the Bulk Edit function to add Collections, People, Location and other Tags to multiple Moments at the same time:

1) In "My Moments" click the "Editing Off" toggle button at the top right to switch into "Editing On" mode:

2) Click the moments you want to edit. The white circle at the top right of a moment will change color to show it has been selected.

3) Click the "Add Tags, People, or Location" button at the bottom.

3) Click the tab of the tag type you would like to add: Tag, People, Collections, Location. Enter the Tags, People, Collections and/or Location you would like to assign to ALL of the selected moments.  Note: Location will overwrite any previous location assigned to the selected Moments but other tags added in this process will be added to any others that were previously assigned to those selected Moments.

6) Click "Save". That's it!