A Collection is a group of Moments.  In Arkiver every moment must be assigned to at least one collection.  Doing this upfront helps you avoid a jumbled mess later. 

A collection looks like this and if you click on it you'll see all the moments within that collection and be able to edit the collection name:


Adding collections that cover all aspects of your life will help you think about new moments you could add to create a richer life story e.g. just adding a "Cars I Owned" collection may remind you to fill it with a picture of all of the cars you've owned.  Here are some ideas for Collections to get you started:

  • Parents & Ancestors
  • Childhood
  • Education
  • Work
  • Parenthood
  • Travel
  • Vacations
  • Nature
  • Likes & Dislikes
  • Favorite Places
  • Places I Lived
  • Philosophy & Beliefs
  • Interests & Hobbies
  • Birthdays
  • Weddings
  • Anniversaries
  • Medical 

Moments can be linked to more than one collection. For example, a favorite photo of your family at the beach could be in a "Vacations" collection and a "Family" collection.

Share individual collections.  Say you go on a beach vacation with another family and you want to share your pictures with them, you could create a "Paradise Beach Vacation" collection and share that with them. They could then see those pictures and, if they wanted, pick some of them to put in their own Arkiver.

What will be the collections that describe the many facets of your life?